Note against the conviction of Rafael Braga to 11 years



On April 20th, Thursday, it was published on the website of the Rio de Janeiro’s Justice KKKourt the sentence to Rafael Braga’s second arrest, which happened on January 12th, 2016. Rafael was condemned to 11 years in prison for drug trafficking and traffic association. After getting out of prison on parole, monitored by an ankle bracelet, while serving a 5 year sentenced for carrying bleach and disinfectant during the 2013 demonstrations, he was arrested by the police in the favela he lives with his family. The cops forged a “flagrant kit” (drugs and fireworks) as it’s usual in peripheral and black regions. More details here.

We strongly repudiate another conviction imposed by the “Justice” and we solidarize with Rafael Braga, with the campaign for his freedom and with his family, specially his mother, Dona Adriana. Modestly, we’ve been helping to build the campaign since 2014 and have been able to follow closely the arbitrariness of the Brazilian justice system. Sustained by laws that are obviously supremacist, the judiciary, with its structural racist and elitist, finds all the gaps that it wants to continue to incarcerate Black people. The allegedly war on drugs, for an example, is nothing more than a guaranty of the white elite and most part of the white middle-class for the Military Police to invade favelas keeping the course of genocide and incarceration of poor, mostly Black people. At this point, we must listen carefully and propagate the message of favela dwellers and members of the Black Movement: all political parties that ruled Brazil kept the politics of genocide.

Another key point is the Súmula 70 that says: “The fact that the oral proof is restricted to the testimony of police authority and its agents does not discredit the conviction.” That means that any person can be condemned even if the only witness is a cop which facilitate the practice of forging proofs by the police in favelas and peripheral regions.

While anarchists, we declare our unreserved support to the Campaign for the Freedom of Rafael Braga and the anti-prison and anti-racism struggle.

It is fundamental that left anticapitalist forces, political organizations and popular movements in Brazil and other parts of the world unify forces in this campaign.

Free Rafael Braga! Racist and bourgeois justice!
Solidarity is more than written word.

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